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Welcome to the University of Michigan House Officers Association housing website. We have created this website to help house officers buy, sell, or rent. The site is open to incoming, current, and past house officers.

We are excited to open the site to the University faculty and staff, as well as to those landlords who are recommended by a current house officer tenant. For those who are not house officers, a donation to the HOA is required to list a property. Your generous donations help fund this website.


- The HOA Board


            Current and Past House Officers

            Members of the House Officers Association are entitled to all features of this website. In order to access these features you must verify your uniqname.

            U of M

            From time to time, we may offer extra benefits to the wider Michigan Medicine or University of Michigan community, please verify your uniqname to take advantage of these offers when they occur.

            Incoming House Officers

            If you have matched at University of Michigan and will be starting your residency or fellowship in the future, you may qualify to use all features of this site, including the roommate finder. Please select "I am in incoming house officer"

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